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Mobile Messaging (SMS Broadcasting)



Mobile phones have become a powerful tool. Never before has it been possible to reach more than 2 billion people in such a personal and interactive way. With Malaysia and other countries now with well over 100% mobile phone saturation, there has never been a better time to add SMS text messaging to your business operation whatever it may be.


We provide a range of SMS text messaging related services for:

  • Personal
  • Businesses
  • SMS Marketing 


Test drive our online demo,

type in your Internet Explorer 6.0 & above browser.

Login: sms2udemo

password: sms2udemo


SMS credits are available for as low as 9* sen per SMS

* Terms and conditions apply.


To sign up as an agent or to subscribe for an account, email us at





Date Announcement
14 Oct 2008 Malaysia - Celcom Network

Our system has implemented Spam Filtering system, once your SMS detected as spam, it will put into SpamQueue for delivery batch by batch later. We hope this can reduce or prevent the SMS being filtered by the Spam Filtering system at Celcom site.

Note: The above only applied to Malaysia - Celcom network
06 Oct 2008 New Module - EMail Alert

This module will send SMS Alert to your mobile phone when there is New Email in your email account. Support POP3, IMAP EMail Server type. For GMail, please make sure you have POP3 Enabled in GMail setting.
25 Sep 2008 High Attention Needed

Malaysia - Maxis Network

Maxis has implemented spam filtering system. Certain wording might be filtered by Maxis Gateway. Therefore, please do test first before perform bulk SMS broadcasting.

Note: Credit(s) utilised due to above condition will not be refunded.
25 Sep 2008 High Attention Needed

Malaysia - Celcom Network

Celcom has implemented spam prevention. However, there isn't any fix method / pattern being used. Therefore, sms sent to celcom mobile number may or may not reach the handset as the sms will be dropped permanently if it is being categorised as spam based on the method being used at the point of sending eventhough the sms is successfully delivered to Celcom network.

Note: Credit(s) utilised due to above condition will not be refunded
23 Sep 2008 Indonesia - Telkomsel

Dynamic SenderID to the above Network is unavailable. Auto numeric SenderID will be applied to all out-going SMS to Telkomsel. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
31 Jul 2008 PRICE CHANGE - Egypt Vodafone from 1.6 to 1.2 credits

New Gateway connection implemented for Egypt Vodafone network. New Rate 1.2 SMS Credits.
28 Jul 2008 System Updated!

1. SMS Scheduler - Follow your local timezone, no more GMT+8.
2. Send MMS with text (MMS Title) up to 153 characters.
3. MMS Download Status, trace MMS recipient download count.
4. Send MMS support file type (.3gp)
16 Jul 2008 UPDATE: Australia - 1.8 Credits

New Gateway connection implemented for Australia network.