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Enterprise VoIP




Voice over IP (VoIP) is a blanket description for any service that delivers standard voice telephone services over Internet Protocol (IP). It is actually a system for transmitting telephone calls over data networks, such as the Internet.


Using either gateway devices or software applications on PCs, VoIP technology can allow users to talk to each other from PC to PC, PC to telephone, telephone to PC or telephone to telephone. Individual users and businesses can take advantage of the technology by using it to route voice data over their existing data networks, or by purchasing VoIP services from IP service providers.


Its use can result in huge savings in the amount of voice communication  resources required to provide long distance voice communication. Moreover  the infrastructure is already largely in place in the form of the many data networks that make up the Internet.


Voice over IP (VoIP) technology is growing rapidly, and it seems inevitable that this cheaper, more efficient technology will play an important role in the world's telephone communications. It also means immediate cost savings and improvement in efficiency for businesses and individual users alike.


Our associate company, InterNetwork Connections (INC) provides VoIP services on a global scale and can terminate your calls via Voice over IP at unbeatable rates, which are achieved by connecting you straight to the IP address in your desired country. This enables us to minimise data packet loss and increase the quality of your calls.


INC VoIP is continuously working to improve the quality of calls by investing in new equipments to make sure we have more than enough bandwidth to terminate your traffic.


INC VoIP uses standard H.323 & SIP protocols to communicate with IP carriers worldwide. H.323 & SIP are recommendations of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) that defines standards for multimedia communications over packet networks.